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Mortgage of the year - Record Breaking 5 times!

Ratebusters has been specifically designed for borrowers who love the speed and convenience of doing business online. We wanted to make the first step in applying for a home loan easy, simple and straightforward. Not only that, but by having lower overheads we can pass the cost savings on to you.

The Assured Group which is the parent company to Ratebusters, are a team of home loan brokers who have been sourcing low cost home loans since the industry first began. Ratebusters.com.au offers what we believe is one of the lowest cost loans available on the market and our commitment to you is to keep sourcing low cost home loans.

So whether you're a first home buyer, investor, buying a new home or looking to refinance to a lower rate, Ratebusters fully featured home loans are perfect for all your needs.

Why are our Interest Rates so low?

At Ratebusters, we believe you shouldn't pay any more than you have to when obtaining a home loan. Our theory is simple; by applying online, you cut out the middle man and save. In addition, one of the most expensive components of pricing a home loan is the infrastructure required to process and manage those loans. Ratebusters utilises the services of its parent company, who already have this infrastructure in place. By accessing these facilities, Ratebusters can offer lower interest rates without lowering the provision of quality customer service.

Real People right here in Australia

When you call the team at Ratebusters, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that your call will be answered by a real person; There are no push buttons or overseas call centres. Your queries will be answered by a friendly consultant at 'Harry's Helpdesk' right here in Australia and our team will keep you updated every step of the way through your home loan application process.
What if I'm not great on the internet?
No worries. Just give our team at Ratebusters a call and they'll take you by the hand and guide you through the process. You don't need to be an internet guru to apply for a Ratebusters online home loan.

Mortgage of The Year

Just to confirm how great the Ratebusters products really are, Your Mortgage Magazine has awarded us with Mortgage of The Year a record breaking 5 times! Visit our home loan awards page to find out more.

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